Powder Dip Crazy Shrimp 50g

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1 kg = 78.43 €

1 kg = 78.43 €

A real powerhouse in terms attractant!

Through the compilation of different high quality extracts, and their high solubility in water, all the ingredients are immediately released into the water, and the Powder unfolds over a longer time at the feeding place all its effect!

The use of Flash Powder Dip`s is very simple. Moisten the bait in a dip, or just in the water, and then roll in the Powder. The result is a highly soluble and highly attractive coating on the bait.

The contents of a can is sufficient for many applications. Please make sure that the box is tightly sealed after use, as the water-soluble, high-quality extracts could attract and clump the humidity.

Contents: 50 grams

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